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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I display my slides when I give a presentation ?

You need to use a web browser, such as netscape , mozilla, konqueror, etc. Just open the file index.html produced by latex2slides. You may want to use the browser in fullscreen mode.

2. How many slides will I get, what goes in each slide ?

Both things are entirely determined by the LaTeX source. Each slide is a replica of one of the postscript pages you would obtain compiling your latex source.

3. When does it make sense to use latex2slides ?

Pretty much any time you need to quickly an easy way to convert a TeX, LaTeX, Postscript, PDF or DVI file into HTML, either for a computer-based presentation, web publishing or both.

4. How does it compare to similar tools ?

Michael Wiedmann wrote a nice, extensive document on this topic.

5. Who is using it ?

This Google query shows several presentations published on the web. From 2001 to 2003, latex2slides has been downloaded thousands of times at least (according to statistics in freshmeat and sourceforge). Also, FreeBSD includes it in its portage system.